Mark your trade.

Leave your mark.

I help you protect your million-dollar ideas and brands from copycats! Your intellectual property is safe with me!


My mission is plain, simple and clear - to help protect and shield that brand you've worked so hard to build! Whether it's securing that trademark or re-negotiating the terms of a contract in your favor, my passion lies in ensuring that your rights are always protected and your best interests always served. 🤗

How I can help you!

As a trademark attorney, I can help you protect your brand and business by providing a range of legal services related to trademarks, copyright and business protection. With my assistance, you can feel confident that your rights as an entrepreneur are secure and that your business is protected from infringement and other legal issues.


Whether you need to register your trademark, conduct a comprehensive trademark search, or get advice on trademark issues, I have the expertise and experience to guide you through the process.


I can assist you with protecting your original works of authorship, including books, music, software, and more. I can help you with copyright registration, infringement claims, and negotiating licenses or assignments of your copyrighted material.


I assist you with contract review and negotiations to ensure that your rights are properly protected in business agreements. Additionally, I can conduct contract audits to identify potential areas of risk and provide proactive strategies to mitigate risks.

Our Clients Speak Louder Than Words!

Rhea Nicole M

El-Elyon consistently delivers outstanding and professional service! Every aspect of the services provided has surpassed my expectations. Her communication skills are truly impeccable. I am thoroughly impressed and satisfied with the exceptional level of service and clear communication throughout the entire process.

Christian Baah

El-Elyon drafted a tenancy agreement for a new property I bought and I couldn't have been more pleased with her work. She made everything simple and easy to understand and helped make the process so smooth!

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